To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Happy twenty five Jonathan!!! For his birthday I made him a jar filled with 25 reasons I love him, here are some of my favorites....

  • He thinks I'm beautiful in my glasses
  • He cooks the best breakfast...full of love
  • He wakes up early when we are camping to make a fire for me.

there are way more but those are my favorite.....Happy birthday babe I love you!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

movin up and on....

Jonathan and his sister Molly moved out of the apartment they shared for nearly 2 years today. In those 2 years Molly graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Human Biology and Jonathan will be leaving E.L with an offer to attend the prestigious Purchase College in New York to pursue acting. Alot was accomplished in those 2 years at 2287 Stonehedge Apt. are some moving day pictures and a few of Jonathan getting his B-day gifts from me a day early :)

high class puppy

I may be stereotyping but for a pit bull by pup has expensive taste, those are Rachael Ray treats!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So starting Friday I will be employed! Last Sunday I had an interview at Lululemon Athletica @ Somerset. They sell super cute yoga and running clothes, my interview was a 50min yoga session followed by a meet and greet. My next info meeting will come after another yoga session! Meetings should always come after yoga! I am very excited to start this adventure, it feels like the right thing at the right time and I am excited to explore the yogi in me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

birthday wrap-up

Well its official the noise has stopped, the smoke has cleared, its all said and done......I'm 24.

I have a hard time with age, I hate seeing the years tick by, but for some reason this one was a smooth transition. It was very low key, Jonathan gave me my present last weekend which was the Tigers game, my sister incapable of waiting also gave me my presents early, and my mom and dad game me a helmet for my new bike, which also came early! So April 16th was spent just lounging around 40% sick...Jonathan was here and we planted flowers on my Nona's and Papa Joes grave, we tried to find grandma Galas's grave, but I only have been there twice, so we roamed but could not locate it, (Sorry Grandma I'll me back!) Jonathan took me out to breakfast where my birthday officially kicked off with chocolate chip pancakes! Then we baked my birthday cake. All in all it was a good day, Jonathan is now off to NY to check out his possibly future college, cross your fingers!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i have fallen hard...

I think its time to put my old Coach's on ebay to get some funds, because I have fallen hard for this lil lady...

dinner date

Erin came over for our regular scheduled Tuesday dinner and Biggest Loser date! Today was my "birthday" dinner we made homemade spinach gnocchi and my favvvvvorite dessert: S'more brownies :) and she brought me a lil special prize!! :)

Thanks 4 the flowers :)

Can you tell what one we made!!??!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boyfriend gave me a Tiger.

Jonathan also gave me my birthday present early, and like my sisters gift, it was perfect! He Surprised me with Tigers tickets! He strategically picked seats where he thought we would have the best chance at a foul ball. We sat 6 rows up from the 3rd base line, it was awesome! The Tigers warmed up and signed autographs right in front of us! Foul balls came close but we didn't catch any I had my mitt ready just incase! We had an awesome time, Comerica Park is just beautiful and just being there made me so happy, good present boyfriend! I love you very much :)

early birthday love

Well, if you didn't know my sister absolutely can't wait until the designated present giving day to give the presents she bought. Christmas, birthday any and all presents come early. Now, while I can count on my sister to give me my present early, I can also count on her to give the prefect present as well. She is very thoughtful and can easily identify the perfect present for the recipient. This year was no different, on April 6th (10 days before my birthday) while in the car, my sister declared she was now giving me my present. Of course it was perfect! A wax sealing kit. And then yesterday after she found out I was going to the Tigers game, my sister gave me my second present, the picture explains it all! Apparently she is getting me back for the "boy" card my mom bought her.
I know this post isn't too exciting but her presents were so thoughtful they deserved their own post!

My wax kit comes with 5 different stampers and 5 colors of wax :)

Thanks for the money Nat and John, I really enjoyed my beer and dog :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

love my city!

So I love Detroit, yes I think it needs some changes but I just love it. Today I found out the city wants to tear down the old train station :( Let me tell you, I wanted my wedding pictures in front of that building, no joke! This past weekend we had alot of fun in the D! My sister, best friend Caitlin and myself oh yeah and Gunner and Oliver ran in the Final Four 5K race which was down the riverwalk, so pretty. My mom and I went on Friday to watch the MSU's open practice @ Ford Field and on Monday we went downtown to watch the National Championship game! All in all it wa an awesome atmosphere and just solidified my love for the D :) Here are some pics of the weekend fun!

16 things update

I am not sure if I will finish my 16 things but I will try my best!! Here are some things I have accomplished so far!!

Walked in a new park, babysat Isaac and Maddy (in that picture Maddy is showing Isaac the picture she has of him in her room), baked a pie! More to come!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

16 new things!

I have decided to do 16 new things one for each day before my birthday! With help from Kyle, here is my list so far, in no particular order....

1. Go to a movie by myself
2. Paint my nails a new color they have never been
3. Walk in a new park- Nelson Park in Sterling Heights
4. Watch all Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring, The 2 Towers, Return of the King
5. Meditate
6. Give blood
7. Eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner
8. Sit in on a court hearing
9. Bake a pie from scratch- Blueberry-Apple
10. Teach my dog a new trick
11. Shoot a gun
12. Read a book in 1 day- Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
13. Fly a kite
14. Do something to help out Nina and Lori!- Baby sat Isaac and Maddy :)

15. Plant flowers on Papa Joes & Nona's grave

This was borrowed from my cousins page, thanks Lori!


Today's Challenge from My Utmost:
It is Christ . . . who also makes intercession for us. . . . the Spirit . . . makes intercession for the saints
Romans 8:34, 27

Beware of getting ahead of God by your very desire to do His will. We run ahead of Him in a thousand and one activities, becoming so burdened with people and problems that we don’t worship God, and we fail to intercede. If a burden and its resulting pressure come upon us while we are not in an attitude of worship, it will only produce a hardness toward God and despair in our own souls. God continually introduces us to people in whom we have no interest, and unless we are worshiping God the natural tendency is to be heartless toward them. We give them a quick verse of Scripture, like jabbing them with a spear, or leave them with a hurried, uncaring word of counsel before we go. A heartless Christian must be a terrible grief to our Lord.