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Saturday, April 16, 2011

twenty six

So I turned 26! My sister and John took me to Coach Insigina in the Ren Cen in Detroit, it was the fanciest dinner I have ever had! It is on the 72nd floor, it was beautiful to ride up the elevator over looking the city, our table which over looked the Ambassador Bridge also wasn't too bad of a view! We had a delicious dinner and Natalie surprised me with a whoopie pie for dessert because she knew thats all I wanted for my birthday! My friend at work Laura had flowers waiting for me on my table, they were beautiful :) It was a great day, I felt very special and loved! Thank you!! :) :) :)


Nina Bunk said...

coach insignia is amazing! we went to a wedding there.

i miss you, lets celebrate your birthday next week!!!

lori bunk said...

happy birthday nikki!
we all love you!!