To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

chicago with my momma

This past Saturday night my mom and I booked a hotel for the next 2 days in Chicago, I guess you could say it was a spontaneous trip! We stayed right on Michigan ave - we shopped, went to lunch, went on a architecture boat tour. We also got to visit with my old teammate Callie and Jonathan's sister Stephanie. We went to a dinner and a comedy club with Steph and out to dinner with Callie and her boyfriend, I got to see their new apartment which made me very happy. It was a great trip, my mom and I had a great time!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

yeah, i like food...

My workout revamp has me thinking about my eating habits, which are usually pretty outstanding. Jonathan teases me that I only eat twigs, plants, berries..etc :) But I do have unhealthy habits, so I took a quiz to find out what kind of eater I am. I was pretty impressed, it defined me quite well....

Nostalgia Nosher
You love the way certain foods recapture the feelings of holidays past.

What triggers your eating:
Family get-togethers, your mother's recipe file. 'A lot of holiday foods bring back strong memories,' says Tammy Baker, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. 'That emotional attachment is hard to resist.'

Stay-slim strategies:

Skip what isn't special

'Instead of blindly helping yourself to everything on the table, you might ask yourself, "What are the three things I would really like to have?" and take those," If you still can't choose? 'Remind yourself, "I know what chocolate (or bean dip or potato salad) tastes like. That's something I can have any day, so right now I'll have something else I really want."'

FYI.. I also found out what kind of eater Jonathan is....

The 'Inhaler': this person eats a four-course meal in under 10 minutes. Once he's done, he has a hard time remembering what the food tasted like.

P90X oh my!

(Thanks to Nina and Matt) Today was day 1 of the P90X Program. Only 89 more to go!! So far so good! It's pretty intense I was only capable of doing like 3 real push ups (out of about 200) before I had to go to my knees. But none the less I completed the entire day 1....Stay tuned and wish me luck on my 89 more!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lake City

This weekend I went to Lake City with Jonathan to celebrate his Grandpa's 88 and his cousin Sora's 4th Birthday! It was an awesome time! His aunt has a place right on the lake, we spent our time on the boats, laying out, grillin and havin' bonfires, no complaints here :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Since I haven't blogged since Memorial Day I have been trying to think of a good blog post which sorry to say I don't have...But here is a quick recap of my life.

- I visited Winthrop University in S.C to interview for their Graduate Soccer went well, I am waiting to hear back...I have more schools I am interested's all giving me a headache.

- I never see my boyfriend. It is no fun. Skype and the cell phone keep our relationship going, and I am tired of both of them. Note to Self: Live in the same town as your boyfriend.

- I am training for a triathlon. Swimming correctly is actually very hard. I have been biking a ton and swimming, but due to severe ankle pain I am putting off running for a bit. The triathlon is in Ludington and Jonathan and I are doing it together, our camp site is booked!

- I am trying to find a really good book to read. One that is inspiring, motivating and thought provoking....any ideas?

- I have been rollerblading with my dog, but she runs so fast that her paws get cut....I am now looking into puppy booties.

- I bought Coach rain boots and am looking forward to the next time it rains.

- My mom watched my "garden" for me one weekend and all my plants died. Go figure. They are slowly growing back now and I am worried they are way behind schedule. I have banana peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and some herbs.

- I am going up north this weekend to Lake City with Jonathan's family for his grandpa's birthday and I am pumped. I love up north.

- I am dying to eat at Kona grill I have been craving sushi for 3 weeks and have yet to get some.

- I reread the last 2 Harry Potter books and loved them as much as the first time.