To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Could you speak up Lord?

So I have not been to Church in a while....I am more of a " Live the Word" type of Catholic. But recently I have been feeling that I would enjoy a little God recharge. Since we moved I had to research to find a new church, I did, and St. John Vianney on Schoenherr was my answer. Jonathan was going to be in town over the weekend and also feeling the need for a recharge agreed to go with me, we brought along Big Kim too...

Excited for our potentially new church we arrived about 25 minutes early, not exceptionally
early in my opinion, but maybe for the veteran church go-er. Well the parking lot was empty. So empty I thought there wasn't even a mass. After a few minutes of " should we go in??" we did, and found some seats off to the right about half way back. Now ten minutes until start time, just a hand full of people sprinkled throughout the Church.

Mass started and I was ready to hear the Word of the Lord, expect I couldn't hear it. Literally. I could not hear, the microphone was so low it was almost inaudible. When mass started the place was MAYBE 1/2 full (that is a very generous estimation) by 20 minutes in there was standing room only. I was amazed and slightly appalled a the number of people that barged in late; during the gospel reading, when Father was talking, didn't matter, people flooded the doors. I couldn't help to think that even at a hockey game when you arrive late they make you wait until the whistle blows before they let you find your seat and interrupt the people that had the courtesy to arrive on time. I mean, at least wait for a hymn to barge the church doors and not during the gospel.

So now we have late people bustling around the church, combine that with crying babies, rustling coats, an air vent behind us that was so loud I thought I was on an airplane, and a low microphone. I was miserable, but persevered though.... Well....

Church was over. Father told us to " Go in peace," and you would have thought the place was on fire...All those to eager to bust in late were just as eager to bust down the doors to get out. People were practically pushing past the Priest on his way out to get to the doors. Another appalling moment in my St. John Vianney experience.

Let just say it was not what I was hoping for my first day back to church.

I left feeling less that inspired and more than annoyed. We enjoyed a nice big breakfast at The Orange Peel post church and are still debating on whether or not to give St. John Vianney another shot... or is it just to laid back for me??

Friday, January 23, 2009

70 and sunny

Arizona Highlights!
- SONIC!- Where I learned I am not allowed to order the same thing twice.
- Shopping at Tempe Marketplace - It's Partridge Creek x's 10
- The Big Bang- An awesome dueling piano bar on the ASU campus! They knew how to play and the words to EVERY song anyone requested! It was crazy good!
- Mani's & Pedi's - This place was awesome I got a mani and pedi at the same time!
- Climbing Camelback Mountain - Justina & I only made it 1/2 way up it took over an hour to get that far!
- Horseback riding - We took a 2hr ride through the desert, our guide was a little "off" but the views were amazing!
- Sprinkles- Best cupcakes ever! My favorite was lemon coconut :)
-Last Chance- Like Nordstrom Rack but waaayy better, Kyle and I lucked out and got some great shoes!
-Amazing food- The number of restaurants they took me to... I can't even count! I ate my way through Phoenix!!
-Phoenix Botanical Garden- The garden was terrible, lol but the glass sculpture's exhibit was amazing!! We got there around 5pm and walked though and saw everything in the light. By the time we were done, it was dark and walked through again, everything was light up it was amazing!

Gracie, what did you do...?

The problem with this pit bull is that she decides to get into trouble when we leave the house....She also hates the question "What did you do?" Upon returning home Gracie meets us at the door & we ask her, "what did you do?" After hearing the question she will run into the bathroom or under the table...we know she did something.... In this picture she is showcasing the carpet where she chewed the bottle of wood stain. (Carpet cleaners arrive today between 11-12pm) So far while we were gone she has eaten:1. entire gingerbread house 2.loose food on counter 3.nail polish bottles 4.toothbrush 6.toothpaste of matches 8. our tv controller. Now explain this to me, when I tell both my parents I borrowed a cage from my sister to put the dog in when we leave the house they BOTH say, "no, no, no, she doesn't need a cage we just have to make sure we pick everything up before we leave."
"Why do my parents think that they are the ones that need to change and not the dog?!?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

welcome to the world of blogging

It seems like all the Bunks (mom's side of the family) blog. It's what they do... and I love them for it :) Due to busy lives, time consuming jobs, and lots of new babies it is hard to keep up with the family that I do love so much, but usually only see a few times a year. I do however find the time to keep updated on their blogs, which gave me the inspiration to start my own. Now forewarning, I am not as whitty as Matt and unlike the Bunk women, I do not have adorable kids to keep my blog page charming and interesting, but I do have a 1 1/2 year old pit bull which will have to make due in the mean time... I hope this page is up to Nina, Lori & Matt's standards!!! I promise it will get better with time!!

a year in review

Well about a year ago I was graduating from Michigan State. I have obtained a degree in Communication, which seems pretty much useless in Michigan right now....If I hear the words "Hiring Freeze" or "Unpaid Internship" I will scream. I am thinking about grad school and currently searching for graduate assistant position. I miss my soccer team terribly but still keep up to date with my girls. I have not played since graduating, I still find myself waaaaay to intense and a little to aggressive to enjoy playing...I am not ready for non-competitive soccer nor is non-competitive soccer is ready for me...

One of biggest moments of my 2008 was my big sister getting married! I am now the only Galas daughter left! Natalie met John Karabelski over a year ago and they were married September 22, 2008. Things happened fast but they seem to be a perfect match! They had a small wedding in Jamaica I was the Maid of Honor, and my best friend Nicole Dempsey was the stand in Best Man. I walked my sister down the isle, aka I walked her down the sand to the ocean, I cried the whole walk ( we have hideous pictures to prove it!) The wedding was low key the girls spent the morning lounging in the pool until it was time for the wedding. Post wedding we got back in out swim suits and returned ocean side! The most stress we encountered was making sure they got their vows in before the standard afternoon rain! It was a wedding not soon to be forgotten!